Wedding Officiant
      Rev. Barbara Dingwall Mills

Frequently Asked Questions

Does it matter if we’re from different religious backgrounds, or have no religious affiliation?

A. It is not a problem if you are an interfaith couple or if you don’t practice a religion at all. Together, we can incorporate into your wedding ceremony any family traditions, readings, or prayers and rites that may be important to you.


Do we have to attend pre-nuptial classes in order to use your services?

A. No. I make an assumption that you and your partner have thought about and discussed your decision to marry and that you both are prepared for this important life change. I respect the choices you have made together.


Will we be expected to practice Unitarian Universalism or attend religious services?

A. Absolutely not. One of the basic tenets of Unitarian Universalism is that each person is free to choose his or her own spiritual or religious path.


Will it make a difference if we are gay or lesbian?

A. Not at all. Whether you prefer a spiritual wedding or a commitment service, I would be honored to officiate your ceremony.


Do you prepare sermons or homilies for your weddings?

A. A wedding is a public commitment of your personal devotion to one another, and I hope to make your ceremony as poignant and as meaningful as I can. If including a story about how you met, or if some personal insightful comment is important to you, I will be pleased to include it in your ceremony.


Can we write our own vows?

A. You are welcome to write your own wedding vows. I will be happy to share my perspective on how to do this.


Will it be necessary to memorize our vows?

A. No memorization is required or expected. Your wedding day should be a time when you can enjoy the moment without undue stress or concern. I will ask you to repeat your vows to each other after I have quietly spoken them.


Are you available on weekdays, and are there limitations on how far you will travel.

A. I am available on any day of the week. I routinely perform ceremonies throughout New England, and arrangements can always be made for destinations further away.


Are you available for rehearsals?

A. Yes. I can include your rehearsal date when we plan for your ceremony.


Do you have any rules regarding photographers or other service providers for the ceremony?

A. No. Good professional photographers know how to maintain a low profile and still do their job. However, it’s helpful to instruct them regarding your desires.