Wedding Officiant
      Rev. Barbara Dingwall Mills
    Rev. Barbara Dingwall Mills

As an ordained minister, Reverend Mills understands the mix of joy and  solemnity that befits a wedding ceremony. As a follower of Unitarian Universalism, she appreciates the need for tolerance and acceptance of others’ personal, religious, and spiritual values. That sensitivity is the foundation for Reverend Mills’ wedding ceremonies that are meaningful and poignant to each individual couple—including interfaith and non-denominational ceremonies, commitment ceremonies and non-religious ceremonies.

In addition to her many years as a spiritual leader within her church, Reverend Mills is a teacher, wife, mother and respected member of the community at large.

“Our wedding was perfect from beginning to end,

thanks to Rev. Mills. My husband and I are from different

religious backgrounds and we wanted to respect both in our vows.

Rev. Mills allowed us to honor our differences and celebrate

our similarities with a ceremony that was

perfect for us in every way.”

-- Amy & Josh Toso